This FREE training explains the real problem with diabetes, the real solution, and the 5 most common challenges for us as diabetics along with their powerful solutions...

This content-rich video series presents the physiology, pathology and psychology of diabetes in the most effective way possible - in basic terms you can understand and use! Too much of what we get in doctor's offices is presented too fast, in jargon, or with no attention to your individual needs....

Most diabetics have never been told what the real problem is with diabetes! In this series we discuss the real problem, its amazingly simple solution, and in-depth explanations of our most common challenges and their solution!

This is the only system like it in the world, and can allow us to minimize the effects of diabetes while maximizing our health and energy - meaning more enjoyment out of our relationships, work and play.

For some of us, it even means a cure....

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Designed by a diabetic for diabetics, the Freedom from Diabetes program brings together resources from health care, psychology and self mastery disciplines to help you learn what changes you need to make, how to make them, and how to make them last.

Dr. Matthew Hertert has helped hundreds of people better their health and their lives. With 40 years of experience as a juvenile diabetic, 20 as a successful coach and 10 years as a doctor, he has assembled a unique and powerful set of tools to help people master themselves and their diabetes.