About Freedom from Diabetes and Dr. Matthew Hertert

About the Program

The Freedom from Diabetes program was conceived in 2010 by Matthew Hertert, DC, as he sought a way to share the solutions he'd discovered managing his own diabetes and through helping people under his care. It offers tools that help you master your diabetes management so you may live as free from the impact of diabetes as you choose.

In addition to the essential basics of how diabetes works and how to manage it, the unique benefit of the Freedom from Diabetes program is its focus on the mental and emotional levels of health. This is indispensible because diabetes does not kill people - our lack of compliance with the simple daily requirements of the condition is what kills us.

Mastery of a life with diabetes then means that we must identify and overcome the mental and emotional challenges that lead us to denial and resistance, which then leads to a thriving life free from the burden of the illness.

About Dr. Matthew

For twenty years Matthew struggled with life with diabetes. A series of personal health, family and psycho-spiritual crises brought him to a dark place. Eventually, as dark places so often do, it led him to a series of profound awakenings that turned his life around.

For the last twenty years he has become a devoted student of diabetes physiology, diabetes management, coaching and counseling, psychology and behavior, self-actualization techniques, and medicine and healthcare. He has coached hundreds of people over this time and served hundreds of others as a doctor, earning a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology with Emphasis in Consciousness, Health and Healing from the University of Santa Monica, and his DC from CCCLA and USC Med School.

Now his calling is to offer a series of tools intentionally designed to accommodate our different knowledge levels, learning styles, and financial resources. His intention is to serve a broad segment of the population with concrete tools, techniques and support to help diabetics of all walks of life overcome the challenges that come with diabetes, to thrive, and to cure it where possible.

You are warmly welcomed here, and questions for Dr. Matthew can be sent to Matthew@ThrivingDiabetics.com

Anyone can listen to your "problems." What is special about Dr. Mathew is that he hears you with his head and his heart - he is right there with you. He has the ability to put you at ease, like a very old friend would, never judging or leading.  I am always eager to work with Matthew because he is a rare doctor who truly has a calling and passion about helping people in a deeply respectful and gentle manner. He never seems to tire of even the smallest issues, always adding thought-provoking suggestions and directing me to additional resources. I really have felt heard and respected, and his advice is practical. What a gem of a human being!

Ingrid Bottausci, MS - State College, PA