Hi, and thanks for coming to take the quiz. This will help you remember the important stuff from the video - VERY important not just to survive but to thrive!

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Some questions have more than one right answer, so pay attention. Most of all, have fun. There's a complimentary gift at the end, so stick around for your results!

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What are less common names for the A1C test that you might see on your blood work report?


What are the two MOST important blood tests to evaluate how well-controlled your diabetes is?


Why does the A1c test show average blood sugar over the last (roughly) three months?


Why is A1c considered to be a better test than the fructosamine test?


What is true about the A1c test?


What would show a "pretty good" to a "really good" degree of control (this is a trickier one)?


What statements below are true?

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